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Friday, August 4, 2017

Thoughts on Memories (my own)

Sitting here listening to Alexa ('s voice activated personal "assistant") playing one hit wonders.  I remember all of these songs from when they were hits.  Mostly in the sixties and seventies.

It is well known all kinds of sensory input can trigger memories.  Sights, sounds, smells all can evoke pictures and feelings from the past.  Even things we had completely forgotten.  Perhaps not even then recalling exactly what but just a vague feeling of "being there" before.

I suppose it might be just a function of my childhood so many of the songs I listen to bring up memories which are, mostly, less than pleasant.  Probably, also a reflection of me, I always cared more for the words (lyrics) than the music.  I did enjoy them both but if I loved the words I'd learn to love the music.  If the music was good but I did not like the words I just forgot those songs.

So, what's on the menu for today.  Sixties mostly.  Songs I've mostly forgotten bringing up feelings and memories I've also mostly forgotten.  I can get lost in this music and not realize how much time is passing as I am stuck inside my mind reliving the memories these song evoke.  Heck, a (very) few of them are actually pleasant.

Think I'll put links to some songs from then on Perhaps they might even be around by the time anyone sees this.

Lots have songs they consider to be "anthem" songs.  Songs one relates to more than others for various reasons.  I guess I have many but one common theme of them all would be, I think, somewhat of sadness and loneliness.  Perhaps that is true of all of us.

"Behind Blue Eyes" by The Who.

The next one is by Kris Kristoffersen as a tribute to his friend Janis Joplin.  I  love this song.  Played it for my parents one day.  My mother did not understand it all but, much to my surprise, my dad seemed to "get it".

Epitaph(Black and Blue) Kris Kristoffersen.

Enough for one day.  Memories (and not very good ones) are creeping in.  :)

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