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Monday, July 24, 2017

I Remember Dr.Timothy Leary

I wonder how many do?  He was a "minister" back in the 60s who was a leader in the experimentation with LSD.  He is the one who coined the phrase, "Turn on, Tune in, Drop out".

But it is not his connection to the drug scene of the '60s and 70s' I recall him for.  It was some of his other quotes about life.

I recall, after he was diagnosed with cancer, he said (paraphrased) he was not afraid of dying.  He was eager to see what came next.

When I was younger I thought that statement was incomprehensible.  How could anyone NOT fear death?   Thoughts of a young man, I guess.  When we are young we feel immortal and fear death because we are so afraid of what might come next.

As we grow older, death becomes much less frightening.  Those who have a definite sentence of death from disease can either sit around and bitch, "why me?".  Or they can see death as just another step in their existence and embrace it.  

I suppose that is Mother Nature's way of preparing us for the inevitable.  I can't say for certain what is the reason only as I get older (and sicker) I find death no longer holds any terrors for me.

I  have no fears of standing up on my own two feet and facing any judgement which may (or may not) come.  I've done the best I could with the things I was given.  Some of it was good.  Some of it was bad.  Most of it was pretty indifferent.

Probably not much different than most people if they told the truth.  Seems lots of folks live life doing just what they want and when the Reaper is walking up the sidewalk about to ring the doorbell, they suddenly "get religion".  I wonder if they believe in "god" why they think he/she/it is that stupid?  

I don't believe in "just in case" religion.  If your beliefs are good enough to live by they should be good enough to die by.  I know it is coming.  I  don't know if it could be tonight or years from now.  It does not particularly matter.  Does not even matter.  I am ready.  Whenever.

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